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What The Hell Is The Deal?

With the recent explosion in online training and coaching most people are familiar with the concept. However, due to the fact that online based business, particularly online training, often requires so much marketing on social media platforms, you the consumer starts to feel bombarded with spam and becomes turned off to the idea. That is understandable, but let me tell you that there is so much more value in quality online coaching than can be expressed via Snapchat, IG or Facebook.

Let’s start by discussing online exercise plans. It may seem fairly obvious how an exercise plan can be beneficial to you, because it is obvious. ANY exercise program has the potential to be extremely beneficial but at the same time any exercise program has the potential to be less that effective and even dangerous. The key to effective and safe training is having a plan that has been designed based on your wants and your needs. The key is personal customization. In order to achieve this, it takes a certain amount of time, energy and knowledge. When done incorrectly it can result poor results or even injury and in many commercial gyms the trainers are overworked and the clients are undervalued. One of the most beneficial aspects of online training, aside from its convenience and extremely affordable pricing when compared to the services offered in many commercial facilities, is the accountability. All of our custom plans come with free email support which allows you to communicate with the coach of your choosing 24/7, not just for the 1 or 2 hours that you spend in the gym each week. This allows for your questions and your concerns to be addressed when they are most pressing instead of having to wait until your next session. In addition, email communication provides the opportunity to discuss how your body is responding to your exercise plan privately. You can even send progress photos which helps us determine whether or not alterations to your plan may be necessary. Another huge bonus of working with us is that you will have unlimited access to VIP FIT, our free instructional and educational database. There are hundreds of videos on how to perform specific exercises, workout ideas, blogs and so much more.

Although exercise is extremely important, when it comes to changing your body and improving your health, a customized nutrition plan is arguably the most important component. It does not matter whether you are looking to become a better athlete, a more energetic parent or trying to treat a chronic health issue, the power of what you put into your body in paramount! The equation for success in changing the way that you look and the way that you feel is 80% nutrition. In my personal opinion eating well is common sense to a certain degree, but for many people it is not. It can be confusing trying to figure out what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, etc. That is where the assistance of a professional comes into play. We have helped thousands of clients get a grip on their nutrition and so many of them have seen life changing results. It is usually a surprise to our clients how quickly the changes begin to take place once they begin to eat the right foods, avoid the wrong ones and do so consistently. Just as with our customized exercise plans, all of our customized meal plans come with 12 weeks of free email support and free access to hundreds of blogs, recipes and other nutritional information on VIP FIT.

Now, even though I have already eluded to it numerous times, I want to reiterate the importance of having a coach and the difference that it can make in the amount of success that you experience with your plan. There are plenty of companies that create quality plans and plenty that do not, some of which offer coaching services and some of which do not. In my opinion, coaching is almost more valuable than the plans themselves in some ways. First of all, the additional accountability that comes with knowing that someone other than yourself is expecting you to succeed is immensely powerful. If you know that your coach is going to be asking for an update, chances are you will not want him or her to be disappointed, right? We are much more comfortable with the idea of letting ourselves down than we are with letting down others. Additionally, the motivational factor that a good coach can add to the equation is very powerful. Not feeling up to it today? We understand but we are not going to let you to even look at that slippery slope. Our coaches do this for a living, they are masters at reminding you what it is that you are striving for, why you invested in yourself in the first place and how much it means for you to continue to strive for the greatness that you deserve. One of the most valuable components that a coach can bring to the table is unbiased perspective. Your friends and your loved ones may not always keep it 100% real with you for fear of hurting your feelings or because they simply do not really know what they are talking about. Although we develop strong personal relationships with many of our clients, our coaches are always able to keep the big picture in mind. 

So, if you are one of those individuals that has been skeptical or has been sitting on the fence, unsure what to think about this whole online coaching deal, allow me to give you one final bit of advice. Do it! As long as you take the time to do a little bit of investigations into client reviews and the quality of service, it will be one of the best decisions that you have ever made.

By Vic M.
B.S. Exercise Science, NSCA-CSCS Certified

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