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With 3 separate storage compartments, you can conveniently store, carry, and consume a wide variety of vitamins, supplements, beverages, and snacks. Stay both nourished and hydrated no matter where you are.

$ 19.99

Is It Right For Me?

  • Would you like to have to be able to keep a small snack as well as something to drink in one container?
  • Do you ever miss out on taking your nutritional supplements due to the inconvenience of carrying them around in separate containers or finding something to wash them down with?
  • Do you hate the texture of gritty or chucky supplement beverages that have not been well mixed?


  • The lower 16 fluid ounce compartments is also large enough to contain your favorite snack whether it be sliced fruit, trail mix, or even a cup of yogurt with granola.
  • Use the 3 compartments to carry powers, capsules, and liquids in one container. When you ready to use them, you can easily access, mix, and consume them without making a mess.
  • The removeable blender can be uses to thoroughly mix powdered supplements with water or your favorite substitute.