ShedFat Maxx

BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! LIMITED TIME ONLY This is our all-natural energy enhancing, fat burner. It only contains 6 ingredients, all of which are aimed at helping you to target unwanted body fat while improving stamina and mental focus.

$ 39.00


  • Are you having trouble losing those last few unwanted pounds?
  • Does the extra energy for regular exercise, family outings, or other physical activities always seem hard to find?
  • Are you simply looking for a natural way to take you physical and mental performance to the next level?
  • Do you have difficulty completing tasks due to low energy levels, mental fogginess, or an inability to concentrate?


  • With only 125mg of Caffeine, you can get the same boost as you would with a medium sized cup of coffee without the extra calories that come with added sweeteners and creamers.
  • Coleus Root and Salvia Root extracts and have been included to enhance blood flow throughout the body and promote increased oxygen and nutrient delivery to the brain and working muscles.
  • The combined effects of the ingredients in Shedfat Maxx increase your metabolism, making it easier to decrease levels of body fat.
  • Great for everything from late nights at the office to grueling workouts.



Ashley Arthur

I use it before every workout or soccer game I have! I can get through any activity with this!

Jermaine Jones

A boost of energy without ANY jitters. Lost 20lbs so far!

Kelsey Parker

Been using it for a year now! I love that I don’t have to cycle on and off like you need to with other fat burners. I’m a lean machine!

Chris Butler

I was stuck in a plateau for 3 months and after taking this I was able to lose the last 10lbs 😎

Paris Jennings

I was sad when the tea went out of stock but this has replaced it and now I have energy all day! I’m in love again 😍

Jessica Perez

This is the ONLY fat burner I use. It’s all natural! I can compete without worrying about failing drug tests. Lo mejor!! 💃🏻

Bradley Martin

No crashes. No jitters. No headaches. Definitely going to keep using it!

Peter Smalling

Can’t stop won’t stop!

Dasia Smith

Where has this been all my life! I’m running low on my first bottle and I’m coming back for more!

Davion Mayberry

I only love my mom and my Shedfat Maxx I’m sorry! 😏

Cynthia Cantor

It has replaced my pre workout, my fat burner, and my morning cup of coffee!

Percy Adams

30lbs lost so far! So happy I found this product!

Jenny Gomez

After years of being unhappy with my body, this came into my life and I am CRUSHING my goals now!


I really like this stuff. Haven't felt any side effects