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Infuser Bottle

Proper hydration is extremely important. It effects energy levels, performance and overall well-being. Add flavor, increase the nutritional value and make staying hydrated and healthy a more enjoyable process.

$ 19.99

Is It Right For Me?

  • Do you like the idea of fruit flavored beverages but do not tolerate or do not like sugary options?
  • Is drinking enough water a challenge because you simply do not enjoy plain water?
  • Would you like to detoxify you system, promote healthy kidney and liver function, and improve the way you feel through enjoyable and proper hydration?


  • Infusing you water also provides additional opportunity to reap the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables.
  • Unlike sugary or artificially sweetened drinks, infused water does not have any negative effect on health.
  • Fruit infused water is more enjoyable than regular water both visually as well as in taste.



I carry this in my gym bag. No leaks. And I now love drinking lemon water


I put my berries in the bottle overnight and the next day I enjoy drinking my water