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  • Optimize Your Nutrition
  • Eliminate Bloating
  • Promote Good Digestion
  • Supports Healthy Immune Function

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Greens Blend: This component of our formula is meant to provide your body with the vitamins, minerals,and phytonutrients that areessential for optimal health.


Detox Blend: The ingredients that we have incorporated intoourdetox blend support enhanced recovery by boosting immunefunction and improving metabolic function.


Alkalinity Blend, Probiotics Blend, Enzyme Blend: This potentcombination is meant to improve gut health, digestive health anddecrease systemic inflammation.


Energy Blend: This mixture of superfoods is meant to provide you with a natural boost in physical and mentalcapacity.



Tiff Harold

I am NOT a vegetable person! I honestly did not think I would enjoy this product as much as I did. I have actually really come to enjoy it. I definitely recommend giving it a try!


This is by far one of the most convenient ways to add an extra surge of nutrition to your diet.


This is a great support to a healthy diet. Love the benefit of getting extra nutrients, and doesn’t taste bad.


I absolutely love the taste of these greens. I've tried other powders and they always clump. This one never clumps. I will definitely order again.


I love this product to make sure I get essential super food greens in my daily nutrition. Smoothies are a special treat! Combine with coconut / almond milk and bananas or frozen fruit are very tasty ! I have more energy and feel great!


Surprisingly, I really liked the taste of the greens. I only add water and ice and it's great! It tastes very fresh, and I feel very healthy. I feel like my digestion has been very good and consistent. It's only been a week so I'm very excited to see what the results will be like after a while!

Jessica Smith

I swear by this product. This is not only the best tasting greens I've ever had but the health benefits speak for them selves. I notice better digestion, no bloating, my hair, nails, even eyelashes grow and are stronger. It's just amazing and I recommend this product 100%!! I certainly notice a difference when I stop taking for awhile.


These greens are so good for being greens, and because of them I feel pretty stinkin great! I struggled a lot with bloating especially during that time of the month, but seriously, since I have started taking this I haven't really bloated at all. Definitely 15/10 would recommend.


I was so excited to try this product and I’m glad I did!! It has helped greatly with my bloating. I will continue to keep ordering and also look forward to trying Shedfat Maxx as well!! They also have amazing customer service!!


Love this product! I saw other people posting about it so I thought I needed to try it for myself. It is tasty and helps reduce bloating which as a female is fantastic! I am hooked and will be continuing to order this product.


These greens are a MUST have. They are so light and easy to drink and I seriously notice a difference when I forget to take them a couple days in a row. It's amazing the difference they make. GREAT product.


Add one serving to your favorite smoothie recipe for a micronutrient boost.
Mix, blend, shake, or stirwith 16oz water for a quick, tasty, and nutritious beverage.
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This powerhouse plant-based formula was created to provide a simple, delicious & effective way to load your body with a wide variety of nutrients that it both craves as well as requires for optimal function. Shedfat Detox provides energy, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals that will assist in promoting detoxification of the body while simultaneously supporting a healthier cardiovascular system and stronger immune system.


No clumping, no grit! Stir, shake or blend with water or your favorite plant-based milk substitute for a smooth and enjoyable finish.


In an effort to avoid sacrificing quality, we have used natural flavors and no added sugar to create a product that provides the perfect amount of sweetness.


Detox is loaded with vitamins, minerals and much more! Fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K are fundamental building blocks for cellular formation throughout the body as for hormone production. B Vitamins, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Potassium and other micronutrients contained in Detox play a vital roles in everything from supporting appropriate function of the nervous system and boosting red blood cell production to decreasing inflammation and supporting muscle, bone, heart and brain health. Powerful ingredients such as spirulina, bee pollen and green tea leaf extract aid in removing heavy metals from the body while fighting viral, bacterial and fungal infections. We have also implemented an alkalinity blend which helps combat the acidic effects of free radicals, acidic foods and sugar. A key component of the alkalinity blend is the adaptogen Chlorella which helps the body combat stress through enhanced immune system functioning. Proper digestion is key when it comes to reaping the benefits of the foods that we consume. Our probiotic blend and our enzyme blend have been added in an effort to help the body make maximum use of the nutrients contained in Shedfat Detox.


The green health blend was added to provide all of the power of nutrient dense green plants. Our energy blend has been incorporated to make the body function at an elevated level. The namesake, detox blend is a key component which supports the immune system in functioning optimally while promoting gut, liver and kidney health. As mentioned above, the alkalinity, probiotic, and enzyme blends are going to support digestion and optimal nutrient utilization.



ShedFat Detox


ShedFat Detox


ShedFat Detox


ShedFat Detox


ShedFat Detox


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ShedFat Detox


ShedFat Detox


ShedFat Detox