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Resistance Bands

Versatility and simplicity. The addition of resistance bands to your routine, whether it is in the gym or in your living room, can take both your workouts and your results to the next level.

$ 24.99


  • No other piece of workout equipment that is as versatile, effective, or easy to use when on the road or when you do not have access to other conventional exercise equipment!
  • They are perfect for quick and effective workouts anywhere and at any time!
  • These bands provide the perfect opportunity to add a new level of intensity and enhance the results of any body weight-based training program!
  • You can use them to implement both progressive resistance and assistance in your training program, offering an opportunity to push you self to new levels of performance in a safe manner!


  • Resistance bands weight next to nothing and can it in your pocket.
  • Whether sneaking in a quick workout on your lunch break at the office or while the little one is napping, bands can turn 10 minutes into an extremely effective workout.
  • You can use one or more bands in any number of ways to increase the challenge that they provide.
  • The varying amounts of progressive resistance offered by these bands provides a user friendly and safe workout alternative for even the most novice of exercisers.



I have been using Shedfat Bands in the Bands class at HX! These are my favorite bands!


Ordered Friday and Tuesday I got to put these to work! Quick shipping!


How it works

Resistance bands do not rely on the gravity in the way that free weights do. This makes bands very suitable tools for functional training as well as mobility and stability specific training.