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Never Stop Moving

This gym based routine is very effective and very easy to follow. Follow it for the full 63 days and you will be amazed by the physical transformation you can make.

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  • Are you unsure which exercises, how many sets, or how many reps you should be doing in order to get an effective workout?
  • Does the idea of a structured routine appeal to you but you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a personal trainer or a customized training plan?
  • Do you want to make exercise a part of your every day life?


  • NSM provides all of the information that you need in order to rest assured that your workouts always effective each and every time, from how to warm-up to tips of rest and recovery!
  • Over the course of the program, constant progression and variety will prevent plateaus and facilitate results!
  • It takes two months of consistent practice in order to form a habit. Over the course of 63 days NSM will help you change exercise from a chore to a habit.