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  • 30 Day Legs On Fire
  • 30 Day Absolution
  • 30 Day Total Body Challenge

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Programs You Get

Watch From Anywhere


Follow Vidoes

Press play and follow along

HIIT Training

High-intensity interval training.

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iPhone, iPad, Laptop, Smart tv


Follow Videos

Press play and follow along

Tone & Tighten Core

Strengthening your core at home.

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Legs on fire

Follow Vidoes

Press play and follow along

Tabata Circuit

High-intensity exercises.

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Once you purchase the Total Body Burn Program, a link will be immediately be sent to you via email. Get access from any smart device.
No, since you will be using your own body weight, weights are NOT required for this program.
No, these workouts can be done anywhere – at home, outside, OR at the gym!

Customer Reviews


“I can stream them on any device”

I travel all around the world for work, so sticking to a routine and exercise plan is hard for me. Until I found the Total Body Burn program. The best thing is I can stream them on any device and just workout in my hotel room if there is no gym accessible. I stick to a workout plan and continue to see results*

“My jeans are too loose

I never thought that I could complete a full 30 day challenge, let alone a week challenge. Well I thought wrong! This has been such a whirlwind and amazing 30 days. I pushed my self past limits I didn’t even know existed and have seen changes in my overall physique. My jeans are too loose and keep falling and all of my friends and family notice a difference too.*

“I’ve lost 15 pounds the first 30 days”

This is my second round on Total Body Burn and I’m still loving it. I’ve lost 15 pounds the first 30 days and inches too. My husband noticed the changes and decided he wanted to join in as well. Now we look forward to completing the challenge of the day. It has become our routine and he is seeing changes too!*

“I have completely transformed!”

30 days seemed like a long time when I first started, but now I’m on my third round and still loving it. I thought body weight exercises were not going to help me achieve the results I wanted, but boy was I wrong. I have completely transformed! Thank you Rauve and the Shed Fat Team. I’m a new me!*