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At ShedFat, we are your fitness family! Our sole mission is to ensure you reach your fitness goals and make the progress you set out to make. We strive to arm you with the latest in nutritional and workout information to make sure you get to where you want to be in the most efficient way possible. We are 100% committed to you and we will be there for you every step of the way.

Rauve Haley:

Meet Coach Rauve Haley. Fitness has been his life for over a decade. Growing up in Virginia Beach, Virginia, he originally got into lifting and nutrition due to being unsatisfied with his body. He took it upon himself to create the change he wanted to see. Not long after embarking on his own fitness journey, he realized that his motivations weren’t all aesthetic. He started to become addicted to the way fitness was positively impacting his life physically, mentally, and emotionally.

After seeing how he could positively change his own life and body, Rauve became dedicated to helping others do the same. Rauve graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with BS in Exercise Science and is an ACSM and HFS certified trainer. He prides himself on his extensive knowledge of biomechanics, anatomy, and nutrition. He considers himself a student of the fitness lifestyle, and is constantly learning better ways to help his clients. Soon after graduating from college, he started his own personal training company and has helped countless clients achieve their fitness goals.

Mikey Nieves:

Meet Coach Mikey Nieves. Mikey’s fitness journey started over ten years ago. While living in Florida as a teenager, most of Mikey’s friends were jacked. He decided then that he wanted to be more like them and attract more of the opposite sex. It didn’t take long for him to fall in love with fitness. He even started working at a gym in Florida and became a NASM certified trainer.

Only a few short years after beginning his journey, Mikey decided to take his love for fitness to the next level and decided to try out competitive bodybuilding. Taking this huge leap allowed Mikey to take his physique to the next level and unlocked progress he never thought imaginable. He quickly became a nationally ranked NPC competitor. As his physique constantly improved, people started asking him for advice and how to make the same progress in their physiques. As more and more people were coming to him, he realized that not only did he have a passion for improving himself, but he was truly passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals as well. As a father of two who vowed never to have a “dad bod”, Mikey has never made excuses for himself and has consistently pushes forward. Now he’s waiting to help YOU do the same.