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5 Tips for Your New Year’s Eve Celebration

Alright everyone, with New Year’s Eve right around the corner, the countdown to the biggest party of the year is on. New Year’s Eve is, generally speaking, a night on which many of us tend to overdo it a little bit. Food, alcohol and one last chance to indulge before the resolutions go into full effect often seems to be the theme of the evening. In my opinion, that is fine! Making it through another year and all of the obstacles that came along with it deserves celebration! Welcoming and opportunity for a New Year and a fresh start, warrants excitement and celebration as well. In an effort to help all of you prepare for the upcoming festivities, I want to share with you the 5 things everyone should do on this upcoming New Year’s Eve in order to maximize fun and minimizes the resulting damage (generally in the form of guilt, heartburn and/or a hangover).

  1. Make sure that you get in an excellent workout! Before going out for your New Year’s celebration this year, make sure that you burn some serious calories. Getting in a solid workout and a hard sweat will boost your mood, making you even MORE excited about the night ahead. With all of the tasty food that is bound to cross your path, it will definitely benefit you to have earned your extra calorie intake. If you are able to do something that causes you to sweat and to sweat hard you will increase your thirst, making it easier to get good and hydrated before you head out for the night. So, before you head out, hit the gym or the local park and kick your own butt!
  2. Eat dinner before you start your New Year’s boozing. Be sure that you have a substantial meal that contains a decent amount of fat in it. Filling up before going out will make you more likely to eat and drink slower and to eat and drink less. Additionally, by eating a meal that is a little higher in fat, you will slow down the effect of all that extra alcohol! There are very few things worse than drinking too much too quickly and finding yourself is much worse shape than you had initially intended. Invite some friends over or make a reservation and have a nice meal before ringing in the new year.
  3. Dress Up! Getting dressed up can completely change both the tone and the outcome of your entire evening. First of all, getting dressed up makes the night seem that much more important and reminds us that we are not supposed to go out and act like kids. We are grown up and grown-ups know how to maintain their composure…right? Another thing that I am sure many of you have experienced when in your best fitting and most unforgiving clothing, is an increased sense of awareness about what and how much you eat and drink . There is something about it that just works. So, as soon as you finish reading this, go into your closet and pick out you party pants.
  4. Carefully pick your party partner this year. More importantly that figuring out where you are going for the ball drop is deciding who you are going with. Be sure to make plans with family and/or friends whose company will be conducive to a safe and enjoyable evening, especially If you have health and fitness goals that you are committed to. It can be very easy to let the night get out of control when you are surrounded by individuals that have much less inhibition than you do in those situations. Make plans for your night out on the town with people that will keep you in check and out of trouble.
  5. This last one is a rule of thumb, one that I personally live by and that I suggest you do to. Any time you are going out to a social event that will involve alcohol consumption you should always follow the one for one rule. For each cocktail, beef or glass of wine that you have, you should always have a glass of water. By following the one for one rule, you will slow down and likely decrease your alcohol intake. Additionally, you will keep yourself full with fluids, making you less likely to over indulge in the finger foods. Also, by following the one for one rule, you will ensure that you stay hydrated and that will have a dramatic impact on how you feel on New Year’s Day. One for one! Whatever you decide to do or not to do this New Year’s Eve, all of us here at Shedfat want to thank you for your support. We hope that 2017 was a good year for you and those you care about and we wish you nothing but the best in 2018.
    Vic M.
    B.S. Exercise Science
    NSCA-CSCS Certified
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